Stage win at "Brasil Ride"

Hi all,

Hope you are doing great out there!!

I am just back from the last MTB race of the season in Brazil. 

“Brasil Ride” is the biggest stage race event in America and worldwide recognised as one of the hardest races to win. Winning this race was something my team mate Luis Pinto and me were aiming for.

Brasil Ride consists of the following challenges:

7 days • +600Km • +13.000M were waiting for us!

–And not to forget, the heat and the burning sun in that country were maybe one of the biggest obstacles when you come oversea from Europe.

But nothing went like we had planned and hoped for. While test riding the track for the prologue the day before the race, Luis hit a sharp metal piece in the narrow single trails and got a 10 cm long open cut in his right leg. First I thought he was joking when screaming for an ambulance but when I had a closer look the leg was open right to the bone..

Somehow we got him fixed (8 stiches) and I somehow convinced him to start the prologue the day after, just to try and finish and then maybe look ahead to the 2nd part of the race.

So did we: we forgot about the overall classification and tried to get as easy through the first stages as possible.

Queen stage 4 was the hardest and most brutal stage of all. We decided to go all we could trying at least to compensate all the bad luck.

105km and 3400 meters of climbing were the menu of the day. But we kept on to our plan and went all out from the beginning of the stage. With temperatures around 40 degrees and a killing humidity it was very important to drink and eat in order keep your body going! After the 2nd feed zone of the day we made our move and set a crazy pace up the longest climb of the day. On the top we had more than 1 minute to the next team and we just continued to gain more time as the day went on.  At km 60 we had 5 minutes advance, and as we reached the finish line more than 10 minutes to the later overall winning team with Henrique Avancini and Jiri Novak(Cannondale factory)

We were both super happy about this win and the way we did it. We showed everyone that on a “normal day” we would have been on top with the leaders in the final overall.

The day after, we nearly won another stage. Unfortunately we got caught in the end, and finished the stage in 3rd position. The rest of the stages we were doing well but Luis started having problems with infection in his leg, so we had to slow a little down.

But all in all I think we got the best out of the situation even if we both knew we could have done much more if things had gone our way.

I hope you enjoyed reading and following my racing in

Here a few articles/news from the race:

Now I am back in Luxembourg where I will take a week or two without the bike in order to recover well before I start the cyclocross season. From there on I will start building up towards the new MTB season.

Hope to see you around!

Best regards,

Sören Nissen


Coming up next, Brasil Ride!!

Hi All,

Hope you are doing great out there!!

The fall has come to Luxembourg and the MTB season is getting to an end here in Northern Europe.

For me this doesn’t mean it’s over yet, because next week I am leaving to Brazil to race the BIG UCI cat. 1 stage race, “Brasil Ride”. This event is going to take place from the 15-21 of October and will be my last race this season. Brasil ride has grown to be one of the 4-5 biggest MTB events in the world and for sure on many MTB riders’ “to do list”, so I am really excited to finally be a part of this great journey. I have been racing without any big brakes since end of January and of course the body and head start to feel a little tired, but newer the less I still feel really motivated and ready for this last big event of the year. I will be racing in a double team with my friend and multiple Portuguese champion Luis Pinto with whom I also won “Vuelta Ibiza” earlier in May this year.

After Brazil I will for sure take a week or 2 without bike in order to recover, but also plan the last details for the new 2018 season. I can already tell now that I have many new cool plans and ideas for 2018 and I will of course inform you about in good time.

The month of September has been okay for me with victories in Germany (“Galahaan Trail Marathon”) and the gravel race in Belgium (“Dirty Boar”) and some other good results. Beside that a crazy big amount of training in order to reach the best possible shape before Brazil. One result I am not completely happy with was the Danish championships in XCM in Denmark in the beginning of September. Instead of what I am used to at XCM races in Europe this particular race was held on a 100km complete flat track with only XCO high speed single trails and 1 million right-left turns. For a skinny guy like me who loves long hard races with a lot of climbing this was just too difficult to make the difference. Even if I tried all I could, I could not do more than a 5th place. That’s a part of the game that you cannot always have it going your way. To be honest…-I hate losing!!! –But that’s life -J

Most of my MTB colleges now “hang up the bike” for some months, normally October until March or April where they start racing again. I on the other hand don’t really like the long winter break away from racing and I will stick to my plan to reach a high level in cycle cross races during the winter. I aim for a medal at the national championships in January 2018.

I hope you will follow my racing in Brazil and I believe in a great result!!

Here a link to the homepage/social media of the organisation:


Best regards,

Sören Nissen


Victory in Costa Rica!!

Hi all,

Greetings here from Luxembourg.

I am now finally back from a great race adventure in Costa Rica. More and more race organizers contact me every year to hear if I would be interested in joining their event. This year I thought it was time for something new and I went to Costa Rica where I started in one of the biggest MTB events in Central America.

The race “160 Rincon de la Vieja” is like its name says, a 160 km race on and around the still active volcano Rincon.

This was my first time racing against the south/central American riders. People told me in advance that the level is really high. The big teams from Costa Rica are sponsored by the big brands we also know from Europe, like TREK, FOCUS, Specialized, PIVOT, Cannondale and so on.

The race started at 5.30 in the morning just as the sun rose. Instead of starting “easy”, as I know it from the long XCM races here in Europe, we went with full speed right from the very beginning. Actually I felt a little like “WTF am I doing here”, but then I remembered the organizers’ words: the guys here in Costa Rica will probably do everything to scare you from the beginning and probably go like crazy from the first meters. So I saddled up and just focused on staying in the top 20 as we hammered into the first part of single-track through the jungle of the rain forest. After the first hour we were still racing a crazy high pace, and I knew I could not do this for 6+ hours, so I had to let the first guys go.

Another hour passed by and slowly I could start catch the front guys back. After 90km, I could see myself all alone in the front of the race still knowing that I had more than 70 km to go. I managed this with help from my “team” as this race allowed each team could be followed by car or quad. So I had my private quad-team helping me through the whole day until I finally after 6 hours and 27 minutes crossed the finish line as the winner of this great event. 2nd became Jonnathan Carballo from PIVOT Factory Racing, 3rd Allan Morales from Team FOCUS.

After some difficult weeks with not much luck and a lot of technical problems during the races, I’m really happy that things now go my way like they should!

Now I hope for a fast recovery to be ready to fight for my 3rd national champion title at the national championships in Denmark next week.

Here beneath some info and news from the race:

Best regards,

Sören Nissen

Tv channel: Desde La BANCA TV



Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the great summer

Here in Luxembourg everything is going well. The month of July has been super busy for me as I spent time on moving into a new house. I am super happy to finally move in, but it is also something I just want to get over in a hurry. I have been doing my training program as usual, but I could not take me the normal time to recover after the hard training sessions this month. I have done my training and I am pretty sure this will pay off during the 2nd half of the season.

Besides all the moving around I have still been doing some big races, and even if I sometimes had the feeling of being more tired before the races than after it has actually been going okay.

I could win a nice victory at the Erbeskopf marathon in Thalfang Germany (9.07.2017) which is just an hour away from Luxembourg. The race was 110km long with 3250 meters of climbing, so a really difficult one, but also a great event to prove if the shape is okay. Some really good riders have signed up for the race, amongst the ones to watch were the two Belgian riders, Kevin Van Hoovels and Joris Massaer.  

As the race went on, the selection started as usual and one by one the front group was cut down. After 70 km we were only 3 guys left in the front and of course the usual suspects as I mentioned before. At this point of the race another factor started to play in the game: this Sunday turned into an inferno due to the heat with temperatures between 30-35 degrees. Due to the climbs this was something you could not ignore.

The group stayed together until 10 km to go where I launched my final attack. I knew it was all or nothing as I started to cramp due to the insane heat. But my attack succeeded and slowly but steady, I could open up the gab to Joris Massaer. I could raise my hands for the victory in Thalfang after 3h 40min of racing, already for the 3rd time in a row.

This last Sunday I took the 5th place at the UCI World Series in Austria, Montafon M3. As I have mentioned before, July has not been super easy for me. Nevertheless, I am happy with this result even if I know that I normally would be up there for a better spot.

This upcoming Sunday I will be starting at the European championships in Slovakia and I hope for a good result over here. August will have other great races, as for example the legendary race in South America, Costa Rica “Rincón de La Vieja 160K” which is the biggest 1 day XCM event in South America. I will of course keep you updated. After this event I will fly directly to Denmark in order to participate in the Danish national championship. It will also be my last chance to win this particular national jersey, as I will change nationality for next year and from there onwards I will be starting in the Luxembourgish colors. 

Here some news from my racing in Germany:;art779,4670966

Here a link to the upcoming race in Slovakia and Costa Rica:

Best regards,

Soren Nissen


Victory in San Marino (Games of the small states of Europe)

Finally back from San Marino after a great week!

Last week I participated in the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) in San Marino representing Luxembourg, the country where I have been living for 6 years now.

This race has been one of my BIG targets for the season. This was a very special experience for me, as the “games” are really important for Luxembourg. Even if I still have the Danish citizenship, I had the honor to participate in this event as I fulfilled all the conditions for foreign athletes.

Friday, the 2nd of June, I lined up in the Mountain Bike cross country race where I took the gold medal in front of the Cyprian rider Andreas MILTIADIS and the rider from Andorra Guy DIAZ GROLLIER. After a crash in the second round out of six, I managed to come back to the front of the race. After the third round I set myself in the head of the race and finally won 2 minutes ahead of all the other competitors.

As I applied for the double citizenship (Luxembourgish/Danish), I will be representing my new country Luxembourg in sport from 2018 onwards. Due to UCI rules concerning the world championship I have changed my racing plan for June and July. According to the rules I am not allowed to participate in the worlds in the year of nationality change.

This race in San Marino was also the completion of the first part of my season which started already in January this year. Now I will have a week or two without any races before I attack the second part of the season from July until November.

Those who followed my racing via social media also noticed another really nice victory at the “Les Cimes de Waimes” Marathon Belgium (25-05-2017). This race was a super nice warm-up for the event in San Marino. I won the race in front of the Belgian riders Joris Massaer and cyclocross world class rider Klaas Vantornout.

Now I will take some easy days of training in order to recover and to be ready for the big events and races coming up later this summer!

Here a link to the homepage/FB from the games in San Marino

Here the resume from TV San Marino:

Links to articles about the race:

Hope you enjoyed reading,

See you around,

Best regards,

Sören Nissen


Sören Nissen San Marino (GSSE) 7.JPG




"Belgian Mountainbike Challenge" (BeMC) 2017

Hi All,

A little update from the UCI cat S1 “Belgian Mountainbike Challenge” (BeMC) 2017: 3days - 260km - 8000m+ Meters of climbing.

One of the very highlights of my season was to go back to “La Roche-en-Ardenne” (Belgium Ardennes) to fight for glory in this super nice event.

This year the race took the highest ranking in MTB stage racing, categorized as an UCI S1 event. Most of the world’s best XCM riders have signed up for the event, among them the current world champion Tiago Ferreira from Portugal and former cyclo cross world champion and off-road superstar Mathieu Van Der Poel from the Netherlands. Especially due to the participation of Van Der Poel, this year’s event had huge interest from the international media. Both Dutch and Belgian TV and Eurosport Benelux were following the event. Eurosport will transmit a report from the event on Wednesday 17th of May (just before the Giro d`Italia” transmission) –So check it out!

Knowing from the beginning that this year’s edition would be very, very difficult with all the BIG names on the start list, I managed to do well.

On stage 1 I was the only one to follow Van Der Poel for the most of the race. Only in the very end of the race he got me off his wheel and won the stage 40 sec. in front of me.  Against a guy like Van Der Poel I can only be happy with that!!

Stage 2 was more difficult for me with some smaller technical problems. I ended up in 5th position, still hanging on to overall podium.

Stage 3 was all or nothing for me! I felt really good and stayed in the front group all day. With only 30 seconds of advantage to the world champion Ferreira I knew that I had to fight like a crazy to hold on to my 2nd place in the over all. As the stage went on, we were fewer and fewer in the front group. With 30 km to go even world champion Ferreira had to drop from the high pace. So now we were only 3 guys left in the front: Van Der Poel, the Dutch Champion Hans Becking and me. I tried all I could to get them of my wheel and put a crazy pace for about 15 km. Becking was dropped at a point, but I simply could not get Van Der Poel of my wheel. We slowed a little down in the front and Becking came back. We raced like this more or less until the end of the stage where I had to let the two guys go on in a technical downhill. The two came into the finish together with Becking as winner. I followed shortly after in 3rdposition. The most important for me was that I managed to secure my overall 2nd place after Mathieu Van Der Poel. Current XCM champion Tiago Ferreira took the 3rd place.  

Here a link to the full report of the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge (BeMC) 2017 powered by Specialized made by Motomediateam. Super nice video by the way.

Victory at "VUELTA IBIZA" 2017

Hi all,

I am now finally back from the 17th edition of Vuelta Ibiza in Spain, and it is time for an update from the race.

This event could not have been any better for our team, as we won the overall classification of the 17th edition of this race.

Like I told you already before the race I had a really good feeling that we would make a good result, and my good friend and partner for this race Luis Pinto felt the same. We were really strong and riding on the same level every stage. In these kind of events you need to be super strong, avoid any accidents and ride steady together. All this we did to perfection, and after 3 days of really HOT racing, we could celebrate our victory. We finished 2nd on the first stage, winning the long stage 2 where we also took so much time in the overall that the victory was almost sure. On the last stage we were controlling the race in the front the whole day, and in the finish we were happy with the 3rd place. But more important was that we could celebrate the overall win with manners on the last few meters of the race.

In the overall we won in front of the Italians from Wilier Factory Team and the biggest Spanish MTB team, MMR Factory Racing Team, which consists of some of the worlds very best cross country riders. This result for sure gives us confident for the upcoming races in the spring. I am super happy for this result which has really given us a lot of publicity in Spain.

Now it’s time to get ready for the upcoming races in April. Next Saturday the 22nd of April I will take part in a gravel races in Great Britain. Gravel racing is the new upcoming discipline in Europe. In the US it has already been booming the last few years, and for sure it’s just a question of time before it really “strikes” Europe.

Overall results “Vuelta Ibiza 2017”

1.  Sören Nissen / Luis Leao Pinto 7:02:26

2.  Johnny Cattaneo / Tony Longo – (WILIER FACTORY TEAM) 7:06:55

3.  Pablo Rodriguez Guede / David Valero Serrano  (MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM) 7:10:11

Here a great video from the race: VUELTA IBIZA 2017


UCI "4 stage MTB Race Lanzarote 2017"

Hi all,

Thank you all for your nice greetings after the race here at Lanzarote!!!

I had a super nice week with some great racing on the volcanic island of Lanzarote at the UCI Stage race “4 stage MTB Lanzarote” Pwb Club La Santa!

Best of all was to proof that all the hard work this winter has payed of and that I am already now on a really high level for when the season starts in northern Europe!

Like you know I ended up on the 2nd place overall after Spanish Cross Country star Sergio Mantecon (Trek Factory Racing) The last spot on the podium went to Austrian XCO Champion Karl Markt. 

I and my team tried all we could to get Mantecon “off” the podium, but in the end he was just a little too strong.

We had a great week at Lanzarote and all the guys I invited with me to Lanzarote did all they could to help out for a good overall result. Special thanks to David Horvath (Stevens Racing), Luis Pinto, Greg Saw and Otto Solberg.

The race this year has been signed up as UCI stage race event which counts for the UCI Cross Country ranking, means that all the best riders from Spain, Portugal etc. had found their way to this event. All 4 stages was raced with a super high pace and sometimes it made me think back to my road days.  Every day was a fight to stay in the front on the small and narrow roads, but it worked out every day and I believe I have to be happy with my 2nd overall.

For an overview of single stages and overall please have a look here:

Review from Spanish TV of the 2017 "4 Stage MTB Lanzarote"

Here some articles from the race:;n_41126.html


Video from every stage:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:


Again thanks to all of you!! See you around!!

Best regards,

Sören Nissen

Hi everybody - november 2016

I hope you are all well, here a little update!
As you all know I had a serious crash in a race in October (Red Rock Challenge). A smaller fracture in my right leg engendered a verdict from my doctor of 3-4 weeks off the bike. Such a long time with crutches back home was for sure not the “vacation” I dreamt of after a hard season. Anyway, I gained time to set up my racing deals for 2017, which takes a lot of time too. So I already planned my season mentally! Thanks for all your messages; this was a pleasant joy.

After only 3 weeks of recovery I was back on the bike with only minor pain. After another week without pushing too hard I was still following my doctor’s advice by taking things step by step. Now 6 weeks after my crash I actually feel no more pain and my leg is well. I am back on the road bike doing the kilometres and hours that I have to do at this time of the year. I am glad that all went fine. Normally I also use the winter time to race some cyclo cross races in order to improve my fitness and strength, but also my technical skills. This is very important for preparing an upcoming MTB season. I will also start doing some cross races very soon but I will have to start a little easier as I am used to. I will combine long distance trainings on the road with some more intense cross races in the weekends.  

In December I will be hosting a new professional MTB camp at the “Club la Santa” resort at Lanzarote. I see this as a super way to get closer to passionate elite and amateur bike riders. You often meet these people during the season but unfortunately you do not always have the time to talk to them. At the end, the fun riders are those who are fascinated by the sport and are cheering for you both at the races but also in the social media networks. During the training camp I will have the possibility to give advices and tell people how to train in order to improve their performance on the bike. So during this first camp week I expect more than just long training sessions. I want to share my passion and my know-how with others. You can read more about the camp here:

Soon I will be back with more cool news about races and a new designed race outfit for 2017!

Bad crash - october 2016


Hope you are doing great out there and enjoying the last days of this incredible nice weather we have had this fall.
At this moment I should normally be boarding my plane to Brazil in order to race “Brazil Ride”. 
But I am sorry to let you know that a stupid crash has ruined my chances to go and race this great event. Normally I don’t make many mistakes while racing. Until now I only faced some smaller crashes but I never have had anything serious the las 5 years...
This time it is unfortunately a little more complicated as an IRM scan of my right leg has shown a minor fracture. If you can talk about good news in this case: I only have a little crack in the bone. After visiting different sports specialists all week long, I got the final verdict: 2-3 weeks off the bike before I can start up again.
Even if my last race of the season (Brazil Ride) is not going to work out, I am actually happy that the crash is not going to have any influence on my preparations for next year.
I will now rest like the doctors have told me, and then I will be back soon on the bike again doing training and cyclo-cross races here in Luxembourg during winter.
My accident happened last Sunday on October 9th 2016 where I did the biggest marathon MTB event here in Luxembourg “The Red Rock Challenge”. This race is also the official Luxembourgish Marathon Championship. As I am living in Luxembourg, it is an important event for me to take part in, in order that people also get to know me here*;) 
We have been doing only 15 km from 80km when I had my stupid crash while hitting a tree on a steep downhill. -Yes, it did hurt like hell but there were no bruises on the knee, so I thought, except the pain, all is good. After 1h 30m of chasing, I came back in the front together with former Post-Swiss rider Christian Poos from Luxembourg. I stayed with Poos for the next 20km trying to convince myself that my leg was ok. I thought it was hurting more due to the cold temperature (5 degrees). 
With 15 km to the finish I dropped Poos on a long climb and could ride solo into the finish in Esch-Belval (which is also the finish area for the cyclocross World Championship in January 2017). Super nice to win the race in front of the best Luxembourgish riders. Congrats to Christian Poos for his new Champion title, I actually think he almost has been winning all titles possible in the Elite category in Luxembourg in his career:  road, road time trial, cyclocross and now XCM MTB.
After the podium ceremony I went home to rest and it was actually first the next morning where I tried to get on my bike. I could immediately feel that something was not good with my leg. I managed to ride for 20km then I had to call a friend of mine who took me to hospital. I have spent more or less the whole week since monday in various hospitals. Now I know how things are and I have already a clear plan how to get back in the game.

I am sorry to end the year like this. Last year's “Crocodile Trophy” in Australia was something really special and I would have loved to end my season with a similar big adventure in Brazil.

Thank you all for a great season with a lot of victories and great results on the MTB. You will be hearing from me soon!!