UCI "4 stage MTB Race Lanzarote 2017"

Hi all,

Thank you all for your nice greetings after the race here at Lanzarote!!!

I had a super nice week with some great racing on the volcanic island of Lanzarote at the UCI Stage race “4 stage MTB Lanzarote” Pwb Club La Santa!

Best of all was to proof that all the hard work this winter has payed of and that I am already now on a really high level for when the season starts in northern Europe!

Like you know I ended up on the 2nd place overall after Spanish Cross Country star Sergio Mantecon (Trek Factory Racing) The last spot on the podium went to Austrian XCO Champion Karl Markt. 

I and my team tried all we could to get Mantecon “off” the podium, but in the end he was just a little too strong.

We had a great week at Lanzarote and all the guys I invited with me to Lanzarote did all they could to help out for a good overall result. Special thanks to David Horvath (Stevens Racing), Luis Pinto, Greg Saw and Otto Solberg.

The race this year has been signed up as UCI stage race event which counts for the UCI Cross Country ranking, means that all the best riders from Spain, Portugal etc. had found their way to this event. All 4 stages was raced with a super high pace and sometimes it made me think back to my road days.  Every day was a fight to stay in the front on the small and narrow roads, but it worked out every day and I believe I have to be happy with my 2nd overall.

For an overview of single stages and overall please have a look here: http://www.clublasanta.com/en/sports/results/results/4-stage-mtb

Review from Spanish TV of the 2017 "4 Stage MTB Lanzarote" http://www.rtve.es/m/alacarta/videos/mountain-bike/mountain-bike-four-stage-mtb-lanzarote-2017/3908442/?media=tve

Here some articles from the race:





Video from every stage:

Stage 1:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/4stageMTBLanzarote/videos/?ref=page_internal

Stage 2: https://www.facebook.com/pg/4stageMTBLanzarote/videos/?ref=page_internal

Stage 3: https://www.facebook.com/pg/4stageMTBLanzarote/videos/?ref=page_internal

Stage 4: https://www.facebook.com/pg/4stageMTBLanzarote/videos/?ref=page_internal


Again thanks to all of you!! See you around!!

Best regards,

Sören Nissen

Hi everybody - november 2016

I hope you are all well, here a little update!
As you all know I had a serious crash in a race in October (Red Rock Challenge). A smaller fracture in my right leg engendered a verdict from my doctor of 3-4 weeks off the bike. Such a long time with crutches back home was for sure not the “vacation” I dreamt of after a hard season. Anyway, I gained time to set up my racing deals for 2017, which takes a lot of time too. So I already planned my season mentally! Thanks for all your messages; this was a pleasant joy.

After only 3 weeks of recovery I was back on the bike with only minor pain. After another week without pushing too hard I was still following my doctor’s advice by taking things step by step. Now 6 weeks after my crash I actually feel no more pain and my leg is well. I am back on the road bike doing the kilometres and hours that I have to do at this time of the year. I am glad that all went fine. Normally I also use the winter time to race some cyclo cross races in order to improve my fitness and strength, but also my technical skills. This is very important for preparing an upcoming MTB season. I will also start doing some cross races very soon but I will have to start a little easier as I am used to. I will combine long distance trainings on the road with some more intense cross races in the weekends.  

In December I will be hosting a new professional MTB camp at the “Club la Santa” resort at Lanzarote. I see this as a super way to get closer to passionate elite and amateur bike riders. You often meet these people during the season but unfortunately you do not always have the time to talk to them. At the end, the fun riders are those who are fascinated by the sport and are cheering for you both at the races but also in the social media networks. During the training camp I will have the possibility to give advices and tell people how to train in order to improve their performance on the bike. So during this first camp week I expect more than just long training sessions. I want to share my passion and my know-how with others. You can read more about the camp here:

Soon I will be back with more cool news about races and a new designed race outfit for 2017!

Bad crash - october 2016


Hope you are doing great out there and enjoying the last days of this incredible nice weather we have had this fall.
At this moment I should normally be boarding my plane to Brazil in order to race “Brazil Ride”. 
But I am sorry to let you know that a stupid crash has ruined my chances to go and race this great event. Normally I don’t make many mistakes while racing. Until now I only faced some smaller crashes but I never have had anything serious the las 5 years...
This time it is unfortunately a little more complicated as an IRM scan of my right leg has shown a minor fracture. If you can talk about good news in this case: I only have a little crack in the bone. After visiting different sports specialists all week long, I got the final verdict: 2-3 weeks off the bike before I can start up again.
Even if my last race of the season (Brazil Ride) is not going to work out, I am actually happy that the crash is not going to have any influence on my preparations for next year.
I will now rest like the doctors have told me, and then I will be back soon on the bike again doing training and cyclo-cross races here in Luxembourg during winter.
My accident happened last Sunday on October 9th 2016 where I did the biggest marathon MTB event here in Luxembourg “The Red Rock Challenge”. This race is also the official Luxembourgish Marathon Championship. As I am living in Luxembourg, it is an important event for me to take part in, in order that people also get to know me here*;) 
We have been doing only 15 km from 80km when I had my stupid crash while hitting a tree on a steep downhill. -Yes, it did hurt like hell but there were no bruises on the knee, so I thought, except the pain, all is good. After 1h 30m of chasing, I came back in the front together with former Post-Swiss rider Christian Poos from Luxembourg. I stayed with Poos for the next 20km trying to convince myself that my leg was ok. I thought it was hurting more due to the cold temperature (5 degrees). 
With 15 km to the finish I dropped Poos on a long climb and could ride solo into the finish in Esch-Belval (which is also the finish area for the cyclocross World Championship in January 2017). Super nice to win the race in front of the best Luxembourgish riders. Congrats to Christian Poos for his new Champion title, I actually think he almost has been winning all titles possible in the Elite category in Luxembourg in his career:  road, road time trial, cyclocross and now XCM MTB.
After the podium ceremony I went home to rest and it was actually first the next morning where I tried to get on my bike. I could immediately feel that something was not good with my leg. I managed to ride for 20km then I had to call a friend of mine who took me to hospital. I have spent more or less the whole week since monday in various hospitals. Now I know how things are and I have already a clear plan how to get back in the game.

I am sorry to end the year like this. Last year's “Crocodile Trophy” in Australia was something really special and I would have loved to end my season with a similar big adventure in Brazil.

Thank you all for a great season with a lot of victories and great results on the MTB. You will be hearing from me soon!!