Uberwald Bike Marathon, Germany

A short update from Luxembourg.

Last Sunday 27-05-2017 I won the “Überwald Bike Marathon” in Siedelsbrunn, Germany. A really nice race on a fast track consisting of 3 laps of 25km with each 500 meters of climbing. So a total of 75 km and 1500 meters of climbing was on the menu.

Like always the races in Germany are super-fast and the start even faster…- like there was no tomorrow! We started uphill for the first 2km and with a super high pace. After the first lap we were only 10 guys left in the front. With temperatures around 30 degrees and a high pace I knew it was only a matter of time before the other riders would start to crack. So the first lap was all about keeping focus and try to stay hydrated before the final.

In the middle of the 2nd lap Sascha Starker from BMC Germany attacked on a hard climb and I was the only one who could follow him. We worked together until the beginning of the final lap where I attacked on the hardest climb of the day. I had to do this as Sascha is a really fast guy and normally races cross country. -So no way that I wanted to drag him home to a sprint finish.

I got a gab immediately and could fast make some distance to Sascha. I finished the race as winner in just below 3 hours of racing and almost 5 min advantage to the 2nd, Sascha Starker. Really nice with this victory on a HOT day and good training here one week before one of my big highlights of the season.

This upcoming Saturday I will race in the US in Kansas at the gravel race called “Dirty Kanza 200”. The race is 200 US miles which means around 330km. In the US this discipline is really booming in the moment and I am really looking forward to try out this new adventure.

For me it’s important that I every year not just to do the same thing again and again. The preparations and expectations for this event has really given me a motivation boost. I will keep you updated about the race via social media.

In the beginning of June I will take it a little “easy” with less travelling and then build up my shape for the national championship in cross country in Luxembourg. This title really means a lot to me and I will do everything I can to be in super shape for July when the start goes.

Sören Nissen Stevens 2.jpg