"La Grande Hallonienne"


Today I raced the season opener in Belgium, the MTB marathon “La Grande Hallonienne”.

75km and 1900 meter of climbing. -A really hard race to start out the north European season!

Big stars like Mathieu, and David Van der Poel was amongst the riders to beat in this year’s season opener in Belgium. -Rain and cold was on the menu! –I knew that even before the race!

After only 20 km of the race we were only 3 guys left in the front, Van der Poel, Joris Massaer and me. We raced like this for another 15 km before I had to drop the group after technically problems. –-A piece of metal wire got stuck in my back wheel, and I broke 2 spokes..

I was chasing like a crazy to come back to the front, but in the end I had to be satisfied with 2nd position, less than 3min. after Mathieu Van der Poel.

Having in mind all the work and training being done in the last few weeks, I can only be satisfied with this result.

Like I told you last time, the month of February and March has been spend riding a “billion” of KM`s on the road in order to get ready to the MTB season kick-off here in Northern Europe.

Today’s race in Belgium showed me that I am on my right way in order to reach my top shape for the important upcoming events.

Next week I will be racing the “Warm up Marathon” in Solling, the season opener in Germany. After this race I have the European championship in Italy, before the UCI XCM Series “Roc d`Ardenne” the week after.

From here on the season is running more or less until October.