Luxembourgish Cyclo-Cross Champion!!!

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Hope you had a nice weekend!! Luxembourgish Cyclo-Cross Champion!!!

I spent my weekend racing my first ever cyclo-cross national championship in Luxembourg, the country I will represent from now on.

-It was amazing winning the Luxembourgish elite cyclo-cross championship in Kayl. I managed to reach my big goal during the winter.

I started with the first cross races in the middle of November after 2 weeks of break from the bike.  My performance level was not that good in the beginning. As the days and weeks went past I always got stronger and stronger. In the middle of December I was up in the top 5 ranking in most of the races. All though I was still missing the last power to reach a victory. In the beginning of January I started to feel really good in training.

The championship on the 13th of January was held on a super difficult track with a lot of turns, small hills and an incredible inferno of mud. I was training a lot on the track in order to know every little corner, stone, root. The start of the race was really fast like always. As I do not have many UCI points in Cross I had to start in the middle of the field. I had to change my bike in each of the 9 laps. Thanks again to my team and helpers.

The first few laps were one big fight. First I had to catch up with the first riders until I got there after 5 laps. From there on it was just full gas where I tried to make the last few laps as hard as possible for my opponents. We were racing like crazy and only in the very last lap I got the last guy off my wheel. I could rise my hands and I knew it was my day. I won the race 5 sec. in front of the 2nd (and winner of the U-23 ranking) Felix Schreiber.

I am super happy with my win and how things worked out already in the beginning of the new year. I will be wearing this beautiful jersey in all cyclo-cross races during the whole next season.

On Sunday I will leave for Lanzarote where I race the first MTB stage race of the season, the UCI S2 “4 Stage MTB Lanzarote”. I hope I will be ready to fight for the overall title, as I finished 2nd last year and also won back in 2015. After Lanzarote there will be a little break before the season starts for real here in northern Europe.

Here a few articles from the Luxembourgish news:

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