Victory in San Marino (Games of the small states of Europe)

Finally back from San Marino after a great week!

Last week I participated in the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) in San Marino representing Luxembourg, the country where I have been living for 6 years now.

This race has been one of my BIG targets for the season. This was a very special experience for me, as the “games” are really important for Luxembourg. Even if I still have the Danish citizenship, I had the honor to participate in this event as I fulfilled all the conditions for foreign athletes.

Friday, the 2nd of June, I lined up in the Mountain Bike cross country race where I took the gold medal in front of the Cyprian rider Andreas MILTIADIS and the rider from Andorra Guy DIAZ GROLLIER. After a crash in the second round out of six, I managed to come back to the front of the race. After the third round I set myself in the head of the race and finally won 2 minutes ahead of all the other competitors.

As I applied for the double citizenship (Luxembourgish/Danish), I will be representing my new country Luxembourg in sport from 2018 onwards. Due to UCI rules concerning the world championship I have changed my racing plan for June and July. According to the rules I am not allowed to participate in the worlds in the year of nationality change.

This race in San Marino was also the completion of the first part of my season which started already in January this year. Now I will have a week or two without any races before I attack the second part of the season from July until November.

Those who followed my racing via social media also noticed another really nice victory at the “Les Cimes de Waimes” Marathon Belgium (25-05-2017). This race was a super nice warm-up for the event in San Marino. I won the race in front of the Belgian riders Joris Massaer and cyclocross world class rider Klaas Vantornout.

Now I will take some easy days of training in order to recover and to be ready for the big events and races coming up later this summer!

Here a link to the homepage/FB from the games in San Marino

Here the resume from TV San Marino:

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Sören Nissen


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