Victory in Costa Rica!!

Hi all,

Greetings here from Luxembourg.

I am now finally back from a great race adventure in Costa Rica. More and more race organizers contact me every year to hear if I would be interested in joining their event. This year I thought it was time for something new and I went to Costa Rica where I started in one of the biggest MTB events in Central America.

The race “160 Rincon de la Vieja” is like its name says, a 160 km race on and around the still active volcano Rincon.

This was my first time racing against the south/central American riders. People told me in advance that the level is really high. The big teams from Costa Rica are sponsored by the big brands we also know from Europe, like TREK, FOCUS, Specialized, PIVOT, Cannondale and so on.

The race started at 5.30 in the morning just as the sun rose. Instead of starting “easy”, as I know it from the long XCM races here in Europe, we went with full speed right from the very beginning. Actually I felt a little like “WTF am I doing here”, but then I remembered the organizers’ words: the guys here in Costa Rica will probably do everything to scare you from the beginning and probably go like crazy from the first meters. So I saddled up and just focused on staying in the top 20 as we hammered into the first part of single-track through the jungle of the rain forest. After the first hour we were still racing a crazy high pace, and I knew I could not do this for 6+ hours, so I had to let the first guys go.

Another hour passed by and slowly I could start catch the front guys back. After 90km, I could see myself all alone in the front of the race still knowing that I had more than 70 km to go. I managed this with help from my “team” as this race allowed each team could be followed by car or quad. So I had my private quad-team helping me through the whole day until I finally after 6 hours and 27 minutes crossed the finish line as the winner of this great event. 2nd became Jonnathan Carballo from PIVOT Factory Racing, 3rd Allan Morales from Team FOCUS.

After some difficult weeks with not much luck and a lot of technical problems during the races, I’m really happy that things now go my way like they should!

Now I hope for a fast recovery to be ready to fight for my 3rd national champion title at the national championships in Denmark next week.

Here beneath some info and news from the race:

Best regards,

Sören Nissen

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