Coming up next, Brasil Ride!!

Hi All,

Hope you are doing great out there!!

The fall has come to Luxembourg and the MTB season is getting to an end here in Northern Europe.

For me this doesn’t mean it’s over yet, because next week I am leaving to Brazil to race the BIG UCI cat. 1 stage race, “Brasil Ride”. This event is going to take place from the 15-21 of October and will be my last race this season. Brasil ride has grown to be one of the 4-5 biggest MTB events in the world and for sure on many MTB riders’ “to do list”, so I am really excited to finally be a part of this great journey. I have been racing without any big brakes since end of January and of course the body and head start to feel a little tired, but newer the less I still feel really motivated and ready for this last big event of the year. I will be racing in a double team with my friend and multiple Portuguese champion Luis Pinto with whom I also won “Vuelta Ibiza” earlier in May this year.

After Brazil I will for sure take a week or 2 without bike in order to recover, but also plan the last details for the new 2018 season. I can already tell now that I have many new cool plans and ideas for 2018 and I will of course inform you about in good time.

The month of September has been okay for me with victories in Germany (“Galahaan Trail Marathon”) and the gravel race in Belgium (“Dirty Boar”) and some other good results. Beside that a crazy big amount of training in order to reach the best possible shape before Brazil. One result I am not completely happy with was the Danish championships in XCM in Denmark in the beginning of September. Instead of what I am used to at XCM races in Europe this particular race was held on a 100km complete flat track with only XCO high speed single trails and 1 million right-left turns. For a skinny guy like me who loves long hard races with a lot of climbing this was just too difficult to make the difference. Even if I tried all I could, I could not do more than a 5th place. That’s a part of the game that you cannot always have it going your way. To be honest…-I hate losing!!! –But that’s life -J

Most of my MTB colleges now “hang up the bike” for some months, normally October until March or April where they start racing again. I on the other hand don’t really like the long winter break away from racing and I will stick to my plan to reach a high level in cycle cross races during the winter. I aim for a medal at the national championships in January 2018.

I hope you will follow my racing in Brazil and I believe in a great result!!

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Best regards,

Sören Nissen