Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the great summer

Here in Luxembourg everything is going well. The month of July has been super busy for me as I spent time on moving into a new house. I am super happy to finally move in, but it is also something I just want to get over in a hurry. I have been doing my training program as usual, but I could not take me the normal time to recover after the hard training sessions this month. I have done my training and I am pretty sure this will pay off during the 2nd half of the season.

Besides all the moving around I have still been doing some big races, and even if I sometimes had the feeling of being more tired before the races than after it has actually been going okay.

I could win a nice victory at the Erbeskopf marathon in Thalfang Germany (9.07.2017) which is just an hour away from Luxembourg. The race was 110km long with 3250 meters of climbing, so a really difficult one, but also a great event to prove if the shape is okay. Some really good riders have signed up for the race, amongst the ones to watch were the two Belgian riders, Kevin Van Hoovels and Joris Massaer.  

As the race went on, the selection started as usual and one by one the front group was cut down. After 70 km we were only 3 guys left in the front and of course the usual suspects as I mentioned before. At this point of the race another factor started to play in the game: this Sunday turned into an inferno due to the heat with temperatures between 30-35 degrees. Due to the climbs this was something you could not ignore.

The group stayed together until 10 km to go where I launched my final attack. I knew it was all or nothing as I started to cramp due to the insane heat. But my attack succeeded and slowly but steady, I could open up the gab to Joris Massaer. I could raise my hands for the victory in Thalfang after 3h 40min of racing, already for the 3rd time in a row.

This last Sunday I took the 5th place at the UCI World Series in Austria, Montafon M3. As I have mentioned before, July has not been super easy for me. Nevertheless, I am happy with this result even if I know that I normally would be up there for a better spot.

This upcoming Sunday I will be starting at the European championships in Slovakia and I hope for a good result over here. August will have other great races, as for example the legendary race in South America, Costa Rica “Rincón de La Vieja 160K” which is the biggest 1 day XCM event in South America. I will of course keep you updated. After this event I will fly directly to Denmark in order to participate in the Danish national championship. It will also be my last chance to win this particular national jersey, as I will change nationality for next year and from there onwards I will be starting in the Luxembourgish colors. 

Here some news from my racing in Germany:;art779,4670966

Here a link to the upcoming race in Slovakia and Costa Rica:

Best regards,

Soren Nissen